Fire Prevention Services

For The Sale Of Property: Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspections

1 We begin with a quick visit to the property for a no cost preinspection check to assess what, if anything needs to be corrected at the property to pass inspections.
2 We provide an estimate detailing the cost of any equipment that needs to be installed to pass inspection including the cost of the fee the fire department charges for the certificate
3 Once approved, we schedule with the fire inspector, complete any installation needed, meet and guide the inspector through the property during inspection.
4 Deliver the certificate to your realtor, closing attorney or home owner.

We have helped Realtors & Home owners pass their smoke detector inspections throughout Eastern Massachusetts for the last 8 years.

Selling a home can be a complicated and stressful process. We can take some of that stress off of your plate. We are always happy to come out for our free preinspection check to let you know what is needed to pass your inspection. There is no obligation. We are happy to give you the information needed to make a descision as to whether you need our professional help or not. Most people find the cost, security, and convenience of our service is well worth it.

Smoke detector maintenance plans for landlords.

We offer a full service fire prevention management to help landlords maintain safe compliant properties in regards to their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We are happy to set up ongoing service to keep your properties safe and compliant with insurance codes.

Please contact us and we can craft a service plan that best fits your portfolio of property.


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